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We have an exciting opportunity for you to be part of a unique collaboration project with Engineers from all sorts of disciplines. Engineers are people solving real-life problems in areas such as aerospace, tech, chemical engineering and building design. We will be bringing you together with some of these amazing people so that you can share ideas and explore how to tackle some of the greatest challenges society faces. We want to see where this fusion of art and engineering takes you and are excited to see what unexpected outcomes this collaboration brings.

If you’re a young black artist - working in any medium - you are eligible to apply for this unique and life-changing experience. We’re looking for ambitious, open-minded talent and in return we can offer you the financial boost and unique connections to take your art to the next level.

You will receive a £1250 bursary and you will be individually matched with an Engineer that compliments your artistic medium and area of interest. You will work together to create a piece of public artwork and be awarded an additional £250 to bring it to life. The BLAST Events and Production team will provide the guidance and support you need to exhibit your piece at the BLAST Weekend event in Summer 2022.


You will also be matched with a Creative Mentor who will share their knowledge and help you develop your particular area of artistic talent. And that’s not all, during your fellowship you will be invited to exclusive masterclass sessions to inspire and facilitate your creative journey.


You will be given money to help support your creative development. It will be up to you how you spend the money and it could be used for equipment, materials, your own time, rehearsal space or training. It can be whatever you need to elevate your work and help get the most out of your collaboration and mentoring during the fellowship.


You will be matched with a real-life problem solver, an Engineer, who you will collaborate with to explore the societal issue that you choose to address in your art. You will then work together to create a piece of public art to engage others in the issue you have chosen to explore.


Based on your artistic medium, you will be paired with a Creative Mentor working in your field to provide artistic guidance and inspiration. Each relationship will be different but could include 1-2-1 mentoring, group training or site visits to the mentor’s workplace.


With an additional £250 to bring your ideas to life, you will work together with your Engineering Mentor to explore a societal issue and create a public exhibit. This can be in any medium and will form part of the BLAST weekend in July. You will also have the benefit of expert guidance and advice from the BLAST events team to help you produce your exhibit.


During your fellowship, you will have exclusive access to masterclass training and inspiration sessions from leading scientists, engineers and public engagement professionals. You will have an unrivaled opportunity to not only hear their stories but to ask them questions about their lives and work.



We’ve created a simple application process, as we’d like to see as many applications as possible from a wide variety of young aspiring artists.

We will be awarding four fellowships in total.


Send us a covering letter and tell us about yourself, your artistic talents and why you are drawn to using art to solve societal or environmental problems.

You can also email us some examples or links to your art work if you wish. Email your Cover Letter to

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 4 pm, 28th March 2022


If you have been shortlisted, you will be invited to a virtual interview during the week commencing 28 March 2022.

The 4 successful fellows will be awarded by 4 April 2022.