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Visit the BLAST marquee to:

 Make your own receiver and track NASA space satellite with Dr Conway Mothobi


Meet the Engineers from National Grid


Learn the science behind the sight and sound of carnival & Caribbean kite making with Architect and engineers Rhyce, Trevor and Gregory 

‘Mini Windrush’ boat making, Hands-on STEM with the Louise Da-Cocodia Supplementary School 


Discover 'What’s in your river' with Ecologist Dr Cecilia Medupin

'See the stars' ' with Manchester Astronomical Society

Discover and share stories with 'NHS at 70' and handle medical objects from their history collection

Explore Afrofuturism, science and storytelling with Artist Emmanuel Ajiji and Neuroscientist Dr. Erinma Ochu


Dive into the sea of Virtual Reality and swim with the sharks! with Marine Biologist Stuart Robertson 

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